The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

A 12 step program is essential to the addiction recovery process and should be a life long commitment as you continue to recover.

We at First Step to Freedom believe that a part of rehabilitation not only occurs inside an accredited facility and detoxification center, but that the real healing continues when you walk through the open doors of Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous and into the arms of people who know what you are going through, care about you and will do anything to support you in your recovery and struggles of life.

Not only that, but they have overcome their addictions and can show you what they have learned. Sharing certain personal triggers, communicating real life stories of ups and downs in our lives and adding strategies to our proverbial “tool box” aimed at coping with life on life’s terms are just some of the aspects found in NA and AA meetings.
First Step To Freedom believes that the group setting, suggestions offered and ideas shared in NA and AA are all there to help establish the foundation needed for a life of sobriety.

The twelve step program which is a spiritual based program suggests you get a sponsor who will guide you through the twelve steps and act as your main support contact. The program also suggests you get into a “Home Group”. A Home group will serve as your main meeting place and you will most certainly bond with those individuals who share your hopes, experiences and desires to stop drinking and using and what has worked for them.

The first step is to admit and accept that we are powerless over alcohol or a substance. The next step is to believe that a higher or greater power greater than yourself can restore your sanity. The definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing over and over and continue expecting a different outcome even though it doesn’t happen. Those of us who suffer from addiction also suffer from the insanity that we can keep using or drinking and the “next time” will be different, or we will not abuse or we will not fall victim to it’s powers of uncontrollable use.

The 12-step program has the person go through their lives past and search for deficiencies and instances where we have committed wrongs unto others or yourself and ultimately make amends. The healing power of this process culminates into a spiritual awakening that is so powerful it cleanses our minds in order to achieve the power to sustain a lifelong recovery from addiction.

The process of the twelve steps never ends as the alcoholic or addict continues to help others achieve sobriety by sponsoring newcomers to the program and giving back by serving your home group in many different capacities. This deep involvement gives one the feeling of great accomplishment and further aides in the recovery process and it’s success.