Meth Treatment and Recovery from Addiction

Methamphetamine addiction is another form of prescription drugs that are highly addictive and abused in our society by addicts. The addictive effects are devastating and destroy marriages, lives and careers. Use of meth often lead to combination of abuse with other drugs as the addict tries to achieve a balance in highs and lows, and sleep habits. Often the addiction goes hand in hand with alcohol abuse. Thousands of people have been have come to life saving rehab for treatment and meth addiction recovery. Medical Detox is the first step to cleanse the body and get through the terrible withdrawals that this classification of drug causes followed by treatment and therapy to address the mental and physical characteristics of the addiction at First Step To Freedom’s network of detox and rehab centers across America.

Others have failed to address their meth addiction and many have died from overdose. An addict that irrationally thinks they are in some sort of control of the drug never plans on overdosing but when one is under the influence they cannot act rationally and death is a very real outcome for anyone using meth.

There are several different ways addicts take methamphetamines. If snorted the sensation of euphoria is fast acting as it passes into the bloodstream through the soft tissue of the mucous membrane. Through smoking or injecting, a few minutes long “rush” or “flash” of thrilling pleasure and hyperactive awareness is produced. This is a result of extreme levels of dopamine being released unexpectedly into the brain.

Methamphetamines were once used for weight loss, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder treatment and for militaries of several nations during World War II. There are multiple nicknames for this drug such as meth, crystal meth, crystal, ice, glass and more. Methamphetamines are extremely addictive, stimulating the central nervous system very similar in fashion to the amphetamine class of drugs. Today, it is rarely prescribed in the medical community due to its adverse side effects and the development of more safe and effective drugs.

Using methamphetamine produces characteristic symptoms which can range from short to long lasting side effects. They can vary from high levels of alertness which lead to the lack of ability to sleep or insomnia, to a loss of appetite and changes in rational behavior. More serious side effects include an increase in respiratory response, high blood pressure and rapid or irregular heartbeats and hyperthermia. Ultimately, the increase in Meth use can cause life threatening ailments and possible overdose. Studies have also been done on the subject of tolerance. Being that methamphetamines are complex in nature, inconclusive evidence is available for how exactly Meth and tolerance in the individual user is understood.

Since methamphetamine is such a powerful and complex drug, the first time user experiences an intense “rush”. This can dictate how and why Meth becomes so desirable to use again and again. When combining other drugs with methamphetamines, such as uppers or downers, it can increase the overall effects. Ultimately, the increase in the high can have devastating ramifications. The increase in overdose likely hood and life-threatening side effects increase dramatically. If someone you know or love shows signs of an overdose call 9-1-1 or your local emergency responders immediately.

If you or your loved one suffers from methamphetamine use and addiction First Step To Freedom can help find a solution. Please call 1-888-415-8810 today!