What is Ketamine? Ketamine Addiction and K-Holes

Ketamine is a unique drug in terms of its primary use as general anesthesia in veterinary applications which is being abused by addicts. First documented in the 1970s for its recreational application, Ketamine has been gaining popularity in both the club and party scenes as well as in private settings.

Special K, as it’s referred to on the street, is classified in the medical community as maintaining general anesthesia. However, in human use as a recreational drug, Ketamine is known to induce short, but intense hallucinations similar to that of PCP. These hallucinations are known as “K-holes” where the user experiences a detachment from one’s body and reality. Those with addictive personalities latch on to this drug for recreational use and abuse.

An increased danger exists where individuals who abuse other club drugs such as Ecstasy are known to mix Ketamine with other substances such as ephedrine. And crossing MDMA with Ketamine is not unheard of. The potential for serious implications when combining these powerful drugs together is a serious risk that parents, the medical community and the user should be highly aware of.

Ketamine’s potential for prolonged use, addiction or dependence has not been studied in-depth but the consensuses has been overwhelming with agreement that continued use can and will cause harmful side-effects. It’s important that if you or your loved one is using Ketamine seek a ketamine recovery plan soon. Withdrawal symptoms are known to cause anxiety, shaking, palpitations and possible urinary tract problems with continued use. As treatment progresses an integration of assessment, individual therapy, and group discussion is utilized to guide the patient through understanding all of the contributing factors that underlie one’s addiction. Treatment plans are carefully cultivated, which detail each problem area and provide an individualized road map of the steps necessary to successfully progress in recovery. First Step To Freedom is here to assist you in finding help. Please call 1-888-415-8810 to get immediate help!