Clean and Sober

Getting clean and sober means having the courage to take the first step to recovery, and living clean and sober is life long commitment to sobriety and experiencing life and to your fullest potential.

When you make the decision to put down the mind and mood-altering substance(s) it may seem like an easy decision at that exact moment, but that is not the case for the majority of people with a desire for a life of recovery from addiction. Most drug and alcohol use and ultimately addiction just starts out as a simple fix to numb the pain, an escape from a stressful time or to just tune out, but in actuality the substance use and chemicals in your body’s system quickly become an addiction and the central problem… and before you know it, you are physically and mentally addicted… hooked. Some, if not most, feel as though addiction is a dark hole that you won’t be able to climb out of, but this is the furthest thing from the truth. Getting clean and sober must start with the willingness to free yourself from active addiction, and the desire to get the “real you” back again.

Once you have the willingness, admittance and acceptance is the next big step. To admit and accept you have an addiction with either drugs or alcohol is a huge part of the process to living clean and sober. This may be harder than you think, but First Step To Freedom understands it is not easy.

The process of getting clean and sober can, at times, be a painful experience but the rewards are incredible and like nothing you ever imagined. Detoxifying your body from the substances you were once addicted to is no easy task. Your body may react in different ways, from minimal withdrawals to sometimes extreme changes from the months and/or years of active addiction. It is very important that you are being professionally supervised in a facility during the detoxifying process. Because without professional help detoxing alone can be dangerous and possibly life threatening.

The decision to go to a treatment facility is beneficial in respects to yourself and your family. With the help of professionals and a mix of therapy options, going to treatment can provide you an atmosphere of support and ways to conquer your addiction. Living clean and sober is a lifelong recovery process. With the help of a treatment facility and its professionals, you can start the healing process one moment at a time and get clean and sober once and for all.

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