Drug Addiction and Rehab at First Step to Freedom

Addiction is a disease that causes the brain’s structure and functioning to be altered and a person’s behavior to change. Just as other chronic diseases require professional treatment to be successfully managed, addiction must usually be addressed with professional help, such as the treatment provided at First Step to Freedom – according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). First Step to Freedom can offer you the professional help you need.


What Is Holistic Drug Addiction Rehab?

Drug addiction rehab is a set of treatments for addiction that may be performed on an inpatient or outpatient basis. Today, a holistic approach to drug addiction rehab is preferred by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

A holistic approach means that every part of addiction is considered and treated on an individualized basis. There are two main elements to addiction: the physical dependence on the drug and the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the disease. Individuals in holistic drug addiction rehab receive care for all of the factors that contribute to addiction, not just for the physical dependence on a substance. Studies have found that this approach is most conducive to long-term recovery and is strongly recommended by the NIDA.


What Happens in Holistic Drug Addiction Rehab?

With a holistic approach at First Step to Freedom, no two people receive the exact same treatment plan. Still, there is a basic structure to rehab that our effective programs typically follow.

Normally, drug addiction rehab begins with medical detox that treats physical dependence on substances. Detoxification allows the body and mind to begin functioning properly without drugs impairing it. To ensure safety and keep the individual in detox comfortable, medical professionals supervise the process and administer treatments for any withdrawal symptoms that arise.

After medical detox is completed, those in rehab for drug addiction can receive many different types of therapies. Cognitive-behavioral therapy – like Moral Reconation Therapy and psychotherapy may be administered in group and individual settings. Increasingly, alternative interventions like meditation, yoga, biofeedback, and music and art therapy are being incorporated into treatment.

Treatment is the time when individuals in rehab are helped to understand how mental illness, stress, trauma and other factors led them to abuse drugs. They receive assistance working through the past and learn strategies for facing the future without using drugs.

At the conclusion of our program, recovery continues with the help of aftercare. Formal relapse prevention programs like therapy and support groups can help individuals continue to remain clean and get adjusted to everyday life. Aftercare can also include housing, as well as legal and job assistance to help get those finishing recovery off to the best possible start.


Professional Rehab for Drug Addiction

At First Step to Freedom, we offer holistic treatment for drug addiction that includes medical detox based on natural remedies, treatment that combines traditional and proven alternative interventions and complete aftercare.

For more information about drug addiction rehab, please call First Step to Freedom today at (888) 415-8810.