Addiction Recovery Services

Addiction program and plan for all stages in your treatment and recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Our addiction recovery services

Addiction recovery services include programs, planning and treatment with the rehab center best suited for your personal needs for a successful recovery. An addiction recovery plan and treatment is the most important decision you can make if you are suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction. We specialize in making it easy to take the first step to begin recovering from your addiction and progressing through one foot after another one day at a time without relapsing. First Step To Freedom is staffed by those experienced with recovering from addictions and as former suffering addicts we have the knowledge needed to help others live a life without the use of drugs or alcohol. This unique insight not only gives us in depth and intimate knowledge of what it takes to recover and how to stay sober, but with our experienced and nationally respected medical teams from rehab centers across the country we are your best choice to play an addiction recovery program especially for your unique situation.

The plan to getting into a treatment center, if you are suffering from an eating disorder and need food addiction recovery, mental health disorder, from alcoholism, substance abuse or any other mind and/or mood altering substance(s), would be as follows:

Stages of addiction recovery

You would speak with one of our experienced addiction recovery team members. There will be a process of verification of insurance, depending on the type of insurance being used. Your understanding of payment, to get you or your loved one into recovery for addiction treatment, will determine what treatment facility in the united states we can properly send you too. Once your insurance has been verified through your carrier the qualified staff will call to do a personal assessment to match you with the facility and addiction recovery program that suits your specific needs.

Once we match you to the rehab treatment center in the state you prefer, you will need to book your flight. If you cannot afford the ticket, the drug rehab center will most likely provide it for you. What you will have to do is sign a promissory note that you will give them x amount of dollars after treatment each month to pay for the ticket. Once your plane ticket has been booked you will speak with one of the staff members at First Step To Freedom and give them your flight information. One of the substance abuse technicians from the treatment facility will then pick you up discretely from the airport, protecting your privacy and your anonymity. They will then transport you to either to a detoxification facility or treatment center depending on the specific recovery plan.

After being admitted into the detox facility you will be personally assessed based on biological, psychological and sociological factors leading to a better structured treatment plan based on each individuals needs. You will be under the care of a professionally trained medical detox staff which is responsible to care for each detoxification process. After the detox of substances from your body is complete, which in our opinion can vary from three to 14 days, you will then enter a addiction recovery facility also known as a rehab center. Again, this will all be based on each individual’s personal assessment.

Addiction recovery treatment

Once in treatment you will be assigned a case manager and clinician to help create a treatment plan tailored to your own recovery process. In treatment you will learn and get a better understanding of alcoholism and addiction by being provided a breakdown of the dynamics and effects they have on the body and mind as well as the consequences that come with dependency.

Being in a treatment center will allow each individual to look at their addiction openly, honestly, and realistically. Treatment teaches you how to cope with unfamiliar feelings and breaks down the wall of denial about your addiction(s). While in treatment, there are different therapy strategies. In our opinion and experience there are primary groups, which are a smaller group setting separate from the entire treatment center therapy sessions. These groups are more personable and provide learning opportunities while you are recovering about ways to cope and accept a life without drugs and alcohol.

We also have experience going through the group therapy and one-on-one format. Group therapy is where the entire treatment center learns the fundamentals of the recovery process together, with the main objective of staying clean and sober. One-on-one therapy is when you meet with your clinician once a week for intensive therapy about yourself, including your past and present addiction(s). We have experienced this type of therapy to be extremely beneficial for learning more about yourself and working through individual problems and creating solutions.

Not only are there therapy groups aimed at self learning but also constructive projects are offered for discovering triggers to identifying who you really are, who you aspire to be and who you never want to go back to. These projects can take the form of art, music and group exercises.

Addiction recovery rehab

A typical day in recovery treatment can consist of relearning how to live life as a functioning member of society. This daily regimen includes waking up, eating breakfast and cleaning your living areas and going to the learning treatment facility. We have experienced these daily activities, such as group morning meeting, primary group gatherings and eating lunch within the home facility. With lunch completed, you will go back to the learning facility and have an afternoon group and relapse prevention therapy. After education about recovering you can expect to go back to the living section of the facility, getting ready for dinner and a meeting either in house or at a 12-step program house.

On the weekends, you will have group therapies as well as activities. This can include grocery shopping and going to the beach for some unwinding time. Some treatment centers offer the use of a wellness center. These facilities include treatment therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, exercise facilities, massage therapy, nutritional planning and even yoga and exercise rooms.

Addiction recovery program

Once you are ready to leave treatment, you and your clinician will sit down and go over a full laid out relapse prevention plan and an addiction program for recovery with strategies for living clean and sober in the “real world”. Upon leaving treatment, there are multiple suggestions to follow. A supportive aftercare program is recommended in most cases. These suggestions may include going to an outpatient facility, sober/clean living house, making a meeting, getting a sponsor and a home group. A home group is a group of people which can be trusted to support the individual through conversation and personal involvement. The home group may also take part in dinners, bowling, movie nights or can be just time to talk over coffee.
Outpatient living is a vital part of recovery when first leaving treatment. It follows similar guidelines to treatment, focusing on all aspects of addiction from triggers and changing old behaviors to coping skills and relapse prevention plans.

Addiction recovery help and aftercare

Outpatient continues the care outside of treatment facilities while living usually in a sober/clean living house such as a halfway house. We have experienced that a few nights out of the week are dedicated to keeping connected to the foundation of your recovery and treatment plan. While also living in a sober/clean living house you will need to find a job to become a productive member of society. Going to your first meeting out of treatment, it is very important to get there early and talk to others and introduce yourself as a newcomer who needs guidance. After the meeting get a list of people’s’ phone numbers who will be the first support group of people in your recovery. Get a sponsor at your home group as soon as possible. This person is your main guide, mentor if you will, who will help you through the 12 steps and give you the support you need to stay sober one day at a time.

These are all suggested for maintaining a program that works for you. It is important to take the suggestion of making 90 meetings in 90 days and becoming involved with service such as helping with the coffee, setting up the meeting room, volunteering for meeting functions and getting involved in meeting activities.