First Step to Freedom provides addiction recovery planning, services and programs. We are managed by people that have been directly affected by the disease of drug addiction and alcoholism.

This unique insight gives us the intimate knowledge of the challenges of addiction, the treatment process and how to sustain a successful recovery.

About Us

First Step to Freedom has joined with many different licensed medical detox centers, residential rehab treatment centers, outpatient rehab and sober living facilities throuout the United States. We pride ourselves on matching the best addiction treatment plan and addiction recovery facility for you or your loved ones to have the most effective outcome and find hope in a better life and road to recovery.

We offer real hope for those who have been looking for answers to their frustration about their inability to remain clean and sober.

Our Addiction Recovery Philosophy

First Step to Freedom addiction recovery adheres to the philosophy that each individual client must be treated uniquely based on the specific needs of that person’s addiction and recovery plan. Not everyone is alike thus not every individual can be treated and diagnosed in the same way. Through this belief, First Step to Freedom takes pertinent information based on our individualized, over the phone consultation with a specialized professional to distinctively assess the best course of action for that client to recover. Our extensive network of highly regarded drug and alcohol treatment centers can then be narrowed down to the specific centers that best suit each client and contacted based on what actions will need to be taken to begin the first step to a new, substance free life. This is the beginning of the journey.

Addiction Treatment Options

As is the case with individual evaluation and care, First Step to Freedom handles the burden of decision making for proper treatment. Based on the initial evaluation which includes various questions pertaining to the needs of the client, First Step to Freedom’s professional staff can formulate the best course of treatment for the best scenario for recovering from addiction.

These addiction treatment options are carefully chosen for the client / addict or alcoholic, using the initial evaluation techniques. The next step is to follow the First Step to Freedom’s specialized formulated plan that has been developed by the numerous professionally licensed treatment centers that are part of our recovery network. Through this close working relationship we can find what will be in the best interest for the client in attaining freedom from their addictions.

The Recovery Process For the Family

Our belief in a support group for our clients who are recovering from addiction is just as important as the initial consultation and treatment course of action. And what better moral aid is there than family itself? First Step to Freedom knows that the family’s involvement is a key aspect of healing. Our goal is to focus on family participation in the healing process. This entails follow-up contact with family members as part of the client’s recovery program. Family involvement provides three important elements to recovery from addiction: love, hope and happiness.